Stylmartin is the past, present, and future of motorcycle shoe technology. Heritage and innovation flow together to create style — the style of safety, and the style of the road.


A modern conversation about the motorcycle footwear industry wouldn’t be complete without mention of Stylmartin. The brand owes its life to a company founded in 1970 by the name of Antis. Antis was at the forefront of sports footwear innovation in Montebelluna, Italy; a part of the world many consider to be the heart of the motorcycle sphere. Antonio Binotto, who founded Antis, acquired the Stylmartin trademark in 2007 with the intention to breathe new life into the brand. He succeeded.

The Stylmartin property has a deep connection with professional motorcycle racing. Notably, the legendary U.S. riders of the 1990s Grand Prix circuits: Eddie “Steady” Lawson, and John Kocinski proudly wore Stylmartin boots during their epic wins. 

From a motorcycle racing competition icon of the 1990s to a renowned player in the global motorcycle shoe market, the Stylmartin brand continues to embody the remarkably high standard necessary to satisfy professionals.


Stylmartin is proud to say that our motorcycle riding shoes are virtually never returned due to product defects. Consistent quality is at the front of our manufacturers’ concern. Following tradition when applicable means that the materials used to make Stylmartin shoes are sourced as much as possible from Italy, and talented shoemakers dedicate an extensive amount of time perfecting their craft to provide the wearer with a piece of gear they can be proud of. 


In the spirit of Italian craftsmanship, only the finest leathers are used in the production of Stylmartin shoes. Over time, these quality materials will develop their own unique look. No shoe is the same, as the rider’s individual posture and pivot points will cause the leather to develop creases and “imperfections” that give the shoes an authentic feel that can't be replicated. The shoes truly become one with the rider.